Changing of the QB Guard in the NFL?

The recent success of Russell Wilson, the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, in the Super Bowl may signal a change in the NFL.  Wilson defied the status quo in leading his team to victory.  He is not quite six feet tall. He is a mobile quarterback, and he is African American.

These are factors that the experts say do not equal success at the position of quarterback in the NFL.  In fact, he completely outplayed the “tradition” in the guise of Peyton Manning, your typical drop-back, stay in the pocket, statue quarterback.  Wilson kept plays alive with his cool, guile, and his feet.  He ran for first downs or significant yardage, he rolled out, drawing the defense toward him because he is a threat to run then completed key third down passes.

You would think that given the success of Michael Vick, Robert Griffen, Jr., and others mobile quarterbacks would be in demand.  In college these dual threat quarterbacks lead most of the top teams yet few get a real chance on the college level.  However, the difference with Wilson is while he is definitely a threat to run, his style of play is very controlled, he runs only when necessary, and is often willing to go down before impact to stave off injuries.  There is no question that the mobile quarterback is the future.  Perhaps when Johnny Manziel enters the NFL it will be okay to mobile and small.  We shall see.

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