NFL Lockout–Greedy Owners?

How much are people talking about the greed of NFL owners?  They want to lockout the players after the Super Bowl if the NFLPA does not agree to a pay cut for all players.  The owners say they are not making enough money but refuse to show their books.  They also refuse to put the $4 Billion from the new TV deal in Escrow until the matter is resolved.  Does this seem fair?  Unfortunately the owners will resort to divide and conquer.  Leveraging the players whose salaries are lower than stars to agree to the new terms because they do not have enough money to last one year without pay.  There will be star players like Cromartie whose personal expenses are so burdensome that he is willing to take any deal.

Fan will be mad at players for being greedy, forgetting that they want to work but the owners are closing their doors to them.  This might be a good time to start a professional flag or touch league that allows fans to see their favorite players in an Arena Football League stadium playing.  The NFLPA might consider financing such a league and sharing revenues equally with players.  It would earn them some money.  Some players that do not play could function in capacity of operations, etc., making certain the league functioned smoothly.

Perhaps some players can play in Canada until the owners come to their senses?   Ricky Williams had a stint there.  Warren Moon played there rather than be snubbed by racist coaches and organizations unwilling to give Black quarterbacks a chance in the late 70s and early 1980s.

Players have to be creative and fans have to remember and protest the greed of NFL owners once this thing happens.

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