Tomlin May Spark A New Hiring Trend

Mike Tomlin will be guiding the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl for the second time in three years.  How amazing is that?  He is also the youngest coach to reach two Super Bowls.  He is a genius.  He hails from the Tony Dungy coaching tree.  Looks like more teams need to seek out the next hot, young, Tomlin instead of recycling the same old coaches each year.  The hiring frenzy is pretty much complete.

Maybe Tomlin’s success and the fact that in the last four years four different Black coaches have led teams to the Super Bowl we will see a long line non-whites joining the head coaching ranks in the NFL.  I will not print what I think NFL really means.

While I am optimistic, I cannot avoid examining the truth: Diversity remains a mountain to climb in the NFL off the field.

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